Laser Services 

Say Goodbye to unwanted hair and skin imperfections and Hello to smoother, younger looking skin


Laser Hair Removal Services 

With as hectic as the world today is, who has time for a daily shaving routine?

Plucking or waxing can be painful and only lasts a few weeks. So, why not try laser hair removal instead?

The procedure saves time and reveals smoother, softer skin.

A win/win in our book. 

Full body treatment 



Laser Hair Removal Packages of 6: 

Small areas: $150 

Includes Chin, Upper Lip and Side Burns 

Medium: $299

Includes Face, Brazilian, Bikini, Under arms and Back of Neck 

Large: $450 

Includes Full Brazilian, Full Legs, Full Arms, Chest and Back 

How does

laser hair removal work?

Using highly concentrated energy, Laser Hair Removal targets hair follicles and emits pulses of light that stop the growth of the hair.


The complete Laser Hair Removal process requires a series of treatments, but results can start to be seen after the first treatment. Over the course of one to three weeks, the treated hair falls out. With every treatment, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back, leaving you with

smooth skin.

Laser Facial Treatments 

With the advances in technology and equipment, laser treatments are no longer just used to remove hair. 


We can also treat skin imperfections such as 

          Blemishes or acne scars 

                                                                        Fine lines and wrinkles                                                                

           Skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation 

IPL Photo Facial 


30 minutes 

Face $150

Neck and chest $200

Back $300


  • Treats sun damaged skin 

  • Eliminates visible veins and capillaries

  • Prevents premature skin aging 

  • Treats stubborn acne 

  • Quick and convenient with little to no downtime. 

How does it work? 

The machine sends intensive short pulses of light to penetrate deeply into the skin. This causes collagen and blood vessels below the skin to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. By adjusting the wavelengths of light emitted during IPL therapy, our medical esthetician can calibrate the IPL photofacial to react with specific skin conditions. The adjustable nature of this procedure makes IPL treatment extremely versatile and easy to customize. This procedure can be used to treat a single issue or to address multiple problems simultaneously.  You may experience minimal discomfort, while the redness and swelling that sometimes occur after treatment disappear shortly. Most benefits will occur gradually in the weeks following treatment.

Clear Lift Skin Tightening Treatment 

$300 per treatment area 


  • Firms and tightens skin, even delicate areas around the eyes & mouth, neck and chest. 

  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Quick and painless with rapid results

How does it work?

Instead of removing the top layer skin tissue, we use non-ablative lasers work beneath the surface of the skin to improve skin tone and texture and minimize wrinkles. Similar to the IPL facial, the machine sends intensive short pulses of light to penetrate deeply into the skin. It works beneath the skin to creating dermal heating while leaving the superficial outer layer of skin unaffected.